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Weather Resistant Barriers


Air Guard VPA

The Air Guard System is designed to coat and seal the exterior surface of the sheathing and to protect the sheathing material from the elements prior to the installation of the exterior cladding while allowing the transmission of excess water vapor from the structure. The Air Guard System is an approved water-resistant barrier as specified in section 1404.2 for the 2006 International Building Code and section R703.2 of the 2006 International Residential Code for application to plywood, oriented strand board and impregnated fiberboard (blackboard) sheathing. Air Guard meets the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for thermal and moisture protection and water-resistive barriers/weather barriers (ESR-3915).

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Air Guard Joint Fabric

Air Guard Joint Fabric is a strong elastic, polyester reinforcing fabric. It's lightweight material is ideal for use with the Air Guard VPA system and cold-applied mastics. Air Guard Joint Fabric conforms easily and readily to irregular shapes and surfaces.

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Ultra-Shield AG

Ultra-Shield AG is a single component, polymer modified, asphalt emulsion air/vapor barrier. It is designed to provide a flexible, monolithic air, vapor and water barrier when applied over a wide variety of construction surfaces including masonry, concrete, exterior gypsum board, stone, wood and metal. Ultra-Shield AG cures to a tough, flexible, membrane capable of accommodating building movement while controlling air leakage into and out of conditioned living space. Ultra-Shield AG also meets and exceeds the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Building Code requirements for moisture control and air leakage.

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