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Encapsulated Crawl Space Systems



BiLarĀ® is a multi-component Class A vapor barrier composed of a highly puncture resistant tightly woven fabric coated with a strong, low perm, and long lasting polyolefin resin. BiLar is designed for use as a high-performance vapor barrier under slabs, permanent liner in sealed crawl spaces, in vertical waterproofing, and flashing applications. BiLar provides more abrasion and puncture resistance than standard 15 mil poly sheeting.

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CS Insulation

CS Insulation stands for Crawl Space Insulation. This commercial quality product is brought to you by GMX, Inc. barriers primarily for use in the construction of closed crawlspaces. CS Insulation is faster and easier to install than other insulation board products and provides superior performance inside the crawlspace. Use CS Insulation to insulate and cut down on mechanical noise inside the crawlspace, give a clean finished look, cut down on installation time, get more system flexibility due to the flame retardancy rating, and cut down on material costs.

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FasTape SRA-W

Low Density Polyethylene Film Tape - 9.0 mil - Synthetic Rubber Based Adhesive remains permanently tacky and bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures; excellent low temperature bond. Tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. Highly conformable, waterproof and resistant to chemical deterioration.

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SealIt XP

SealIt XP is a single component, moisture-cure, environmentally friendly, polyurethane sealant that cures rapidly to a durable, medium modulus, flexible, weatherproof sealant. The cured sealant adheres well to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, glass and aluminum without priming and shows excellent adhesion to most types of plastic. SealIt XP can be used for exterior and interior caulking the perimeters of frame openings; expansion, control and isolation joints; coping and coping to facade joints; cornice and wash joints; panels; poured-in-place; tilt-up; underside of precast planks; steps and risers; top of non-loadbearing walls; glazing, etc.

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X-IE 6-50 PH52

This specialty fastener is used for fastening any of GMX, Inc. barriers insulation board products with a powder actuated Hilti nail gun. The X-IE is pre-assembled to enable fast, reliable fastening of any self-supporting or non-self-supporting insulation material. This fastening system is designed for 2" thick insulation products and has a 60mm diameter head that is textured to accept fire retardant mastic when required.

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