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History of Innovation:

About Us:

GMX Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Garland Industries, a leading supplier of waterproofing solutions to the industrial, educational, commercial and residential markets since 1895. For more than a century, Garland has produced asphalt-based waterproofing materials for a wide variety of waterproofing and roofing applications. In 1978, Garland engineered the first domestically produced, polymer-modified asphalt based roofing membrane. In the late 1980's, Garland applied its polymer modified asphalt expertise to the development of the Ultra-Shield family of waterproofing solutions.

GMX was created to take the Ultra-Shield family to market. Its mission is to be the technology and performance leader in waterproofing systems development, which benefits our contractors, builders and building owners. We strive to provide long-term, value-added solutions to our various customer groups. We innovate to add value, not cost, to our product and system solutions. GMX provides the highest quality and best long-term solutions, which keep water out and value in. No one knows innovation better than the employee owners of GMX/Garland.